Sustainability - fix your masks

I make my masks with great care. I'm only using high quality fabric and topstitch for longevity of seams. With a lot of wearing, washing, folding the metal nose bridge support is usually the weak spot. Should it snap eventually, you don't need to throw your mask away.

You can fix it. Here's how:

Either undo the stitches as marked in the picture for kind of a keyhole-surgery procedure (the little gaps will not need closing afterwards, so no sewing required!)


open the whole seam along the top - you'll need to sew the layers back together.

You'll then need to loosen the metal from the fabric, which takes a bit of patience. It's iron on hot glue. I've been using a wooden kebab stick, but you can use a knitting needle or whatever you've got to hand, to poke around gently, detaching the metal from the fabric. Then remove the metal strip pieces. Replacement of the metal strip is optional. You can get metal nose bridge support strips online, or pick up some from me if you are local.

Iron a new metal strip in place, or keep it removable, so you can take it out before each wash. (This is what we do now.)

Other options are using a pipe cleaner (great for kids masks) or the metal bit of a filing strip.

Never wear a damaged, dirty or damp mask.

If you take care of your masks, they'll last you a long time.

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